8 Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid.

8 Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid.

8 Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid.Becoming a blogger is a dream of many people and many of them even make a blog website. Creating a website is an easy task, you buy hosting and domain name. install WordPress, after a few hours of hard work, you will create a good website. But driving traffic to your website is the real challenge, and you come inside a competition where millions of people are colliding with each other under the same niche. But the expert has no special problem in this and those who are beginners have to face some difficulties and they made some mistake, so today I will tell you about 8 Blogging Mistakes That Every beginner Should Avoid.

A quick list of 8 Blogging Mistakes:

  • Spamming too much for backlinks.
  • Non-use of the images.
  • Non-submission of data as evidence.
  • Using mix content.
  • Copying another blogger’s post.
  • Using a niche that does not have your best information.
  • Not consistent.
  • Unable to promote your blog.

Mistake1: Spamming too much for backlinks.

8 Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid.

The first mistake that every beginner makes is that he tries to rank his post this article as quickly as possible and in this cycle, they create more and more backlinks which increase the spam score of your website. And the search engine gives your website ranking down and your article does not show anywhere on Google. Because of this, your AdSense may also be disapproved.  now to question comes in your mind.

  • What are the reasons for increasing the spam score?
  • How to stop it?
  • What are the ways to get backlinks?

What are the reasons for increasing the spam score?

There are too many reasons for increasing the spam score of your website. some reasons I give you below:

  1. Take backlink from the high spam score website.8 Blogging Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid.
  2. commenting on too many websites to get backlinks.
  3. Submit directories on high spam score websites.
  4. some website put your comment as a spam comment.
  5. using blackhat tricks for off-page SEO.
  6.  not given internal links.
  7. quickly get too many backlinks.

How to stop it?

Once you get reasons for increasing spam score now you find how to decrease spam score. it is more important to your website and your Adsense account too.

  • When you take backlinks from a website, first check the spam score of the website. If the spam score of the website is less 5, then the website is good for taking backlinks otherwise do not take backlinks from the website.
  • Give an actual comment or link to a website. Do not provide spam comments, which contain many links, the user always blocks these comments.
  • Not use Blackhat tricks to get backlinks.
  • Always give internal links to the article.
  • If you suddenly get a lot of backlinks. Find them and break them to reduce your spam score.

What are the ways to get backlinks?

ways to get backlinks There are too many ways to get quality backlinks I give you some information about backlinks.

  • The easiest way to get backlinks is to submit guest articles, this gives you Do-follow backlinks. Some very high DA and PA websites give you a chance to submit a guest article on some of their terms.
  • Social bookmarking is the best way to get a backlink. mostly you get No-follow backlinks from social bookmarking.
  • You will also get backlinks from web 2.0 submission.
  • Submit directory to High DA or PA website with a low Spam score. 

Mistake2: Non-use of the images.

New bloggers always make a mistake, they do not upload photos in their articles. So your post has no special effect on the reader. he leaves your website and goes away. The photo makes a good impression to the readers and also help in the SEO of your website. So that the on-page SEO of your post is good and the Search engine also gives high Ranking to your website.

what to do now.

So use always a good photo for your post. This photo always should be related to your article so that the reader understands that what he is looking for is your post and he must read your article. You can use many websites for this like canva, infogram, Piktochart, etc. 

Mistake3: Non-submission of data as evidence.

When you write an article, you do a common misstep and that is you do not give data as the evidence, so that’s why your article does not make any specific effect on the reader. he underestimates your post, due to which you do not become a brand. There is a special effect of data so that the reader can easily understand your article due to the data.

What should you do?

Whenever you write an article, always give the relevant data to the reader, this will increase the trust of the reader and he will also tell the other readers about your blog. search engines also prefer these types of blogs in search ranking because search engine prefers quality content for searches. 

Mistake4: Using mix content.

Writing too many articles on various topics is a big mistake of the beginner which he makes in his life. for example, once you write a post on tech, and other hand you write a different article on fashion, so that’s why readers not spending time on your blog, because they think you are not expert in this area or they underestimate you and your knowledge,  reader always read expert’s blog or article Since you using different niche on your blog Hence no one wants to read your article. because of this, you face many problems.

  • Readers stay for a short time on your blog.
  • you will not able to get AdSense approval.
  • the bounce rate of your blog is too high.
  • you will not get the audience on your blog.

How to prevent this problem?FIND NICHE

So prevention of this problem is you always write a blog on one niche. before writing a blog you always do proper research on blog topics or content you want to write.
When you write an article only on one niche it shows that you have specialization in that niche. the readers come to read your blog they feel good after reading your blog, they really like to read your blog then they subscribe to your blog. Now he considers you an expert and likes to read your article. you have different benefits of this.

  • Readers stay for a long time on your blog.
  • You will able to get AdSense approval early.
  • you will get the audience on your blog.
  • People are interested in you to find a solution to their problem

Mistake5: Copying another blogger’s post.

When we start blogging we see many famous bloggers on Google and people start following them. They also start copying their content. They copy their contents exactly as they have written and this is the biggest mistake.

You may have to pay a lot of price for this, your blog can be copyrighted, as well as Adsense can be removed from your blog. the search engine will not give ranking to your post or article.

What to do?

Never copy an article from anyone’s content. try to give the reason to the reader to read your article because if they found something different or informative in your post they will definitely read your article.

Mistake6: Using a niche that does not have your best information.

Before starting a blog you went through the internet like YouTube, Google. where you find many blogs and YouTube videos. all have a title like this, 10 most profitable niche, 8 most profitable niche. you click on the link and read the article. in this type of article, you were read about different niches and profit after written on these and on YouTube many videos about that after listening or read the article you choose one of them without understanding what topic you have strong information or knowledge? and this is our mistake.

So this note is for you.

So always use the niche in which you have good knowledge. You can take this information from the blog/article about which topic you know and in which niche it comes

Always write an article on a subject in which you have expertise. Write in a different way that attracts the reader a lot. He has to click your title. collect knowledge continuously from various sources available.

learning is a way of success.

So always learn and explore yourself and become more strong in your niche, the reader will love your article.

Mistake7: lack of consistency.

be consistant

When you start blogging one mistake you always have done that is inconsistency. one thing is to keep in mind. inconsistency always makes you unsuccessful. 

When you start blogging, you do not make a plan, because of which you are not able to be consistent, due to which you are not able to do anything special in blogging. 

done two things for becoming consistent.

  1. determine Aim- when you start blogging you have to clear your aim. if your you do not specify aim done one thing ask a question to yourself  Where do I want to reach in my blogging career? and if you get the answer you will specify your aim. and make a strategy for this.
  2. Make To-Do List- Once you define your goal, you have to make a to-do list for daily tasks and ensure that you complete your task daily. I suggest you make plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. once you make a plan after that make a monthly report of your performance and check it. repeat this every month and match your reports with each other. you will get the result.

Mistake8: Unable to promote your blog.

Some people do SEO well but are unable to promote the blog. due to which they do not get so much traffic Or they do not know about the blog promotion. promoting a blog on social media and some Q&A sites like Quora is very beneficial for you. 

  • Promote your article on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, tumbler or many more.
  • Share graphics on Pinterest.
  • Actively work on Quora.
  • Make a youtube channel related to your niche.

Time to work

So it’s your turn if you make any of those mistakes, remove them now, it will be good for your ranking. every blogger in his life once do a mistake and he learned from that. so if do a mistake take a lesson from that and move on you will get success.  

I hope you guys are feeling good to read this blog so guys Stay with us.

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