Best ways to earn money from in India

How To Earn Money From YouTube In India

Best Ways To Earn Money From YouTube In India

YouTube! A platform whose popularity is increasing daily. If I talk about the last few years, then its number of users is 265 million active users. Companies are also interested in YouTube’s influencer and that’s why influencer industries cost $ 5 billion.  So now you know why people are interested in YouTube and  Earn Money From YouTube In India. 

The biggest reason that people are interested in YouTube is that here they get a solution for each of their problems in visual form. Here they get a live demo which is quickly understood.

Another reason for taking an interest in YouTube is that people get both entertainment and knowledge in one place. That’s why people are getting more interested.

So now let’s get to the point,

What are the basic requirements to start a YouTube channel?

Although it takes a lot to start a YouTube channel, here I will tell you some basic things only. So that you can start the YouTube channel in less money.

  • video recording:  smartphone (or if you have a budget so use the camera)
  • voice recording: mic 
  • video editing: smartphone ( or if you have a laptop it gives you an advantage)

These are the basic things one needs to start a YouTube channel. There are many famous YouTubers who shot videos from phones and also edit videos from phones, for example, BB ki Vines and technical dost.

Once the YouTube channel runs, then you can take a lot like a tripod, professional camera, focus light, and many more according to your requirement.

Or one more or most important thing is a YouTube Channel

Now come to one of the most asking questions 

How to find a Niche for Youtube

Bay the way, choosing a niche not a hard thing but people also ask this question much time on various platforms. so today I will tell you how to find a niche for youtube. 

The first way to find YouTube Niche is that you should know about which subject you have a lot of good information. Actually, users come to YouTube for two kinds of things, entertainment or to find a solution for their own problem. ask a question from yourself  What is your passion, and what niche would you enjoy making videos about?

now you decide what you have best. if you think you are a good entertainer so go for entertainment or if you best knowledge about something( no matter which topic) so go for that. so know you understand what is your niche. 

so I give you the 15 niche ideas for the YouTube channel.

  • Technology
  • Comedy
  • Roasting
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Cooking
  • Yoga Videos
  • Bodybuilding
  • Health
  • Travel Vlog
  • About history
  • Education
  • Local news
  • Motivational
  • Reaction video

The more important thing that you must need to know about.

Friends, I am about to dispel some misconceptions about YouTube. In fact, it is true that there is a very good income on YouTube. But before I start, I tell you one thing that you have to wait a lot for its revenue. YouTube has some policies for this which I will tell you further. So if you are thinking that you will become a millionaire overnight through YouTube, then you are completely wrong. Then I will request you not to start YouTube.

There is revenue on YouTube but you have to work hard for it. So if you are ready for that hard work then it doesn’t matter.

so now I tell you

6 ways to make money from Youtube in India.

Youtube partner program(Adsense).

With Adsense, you can make money from both YouTube and blogging. To make money from this, you need to approve your partner program on YouTube, for which YouTube has certain conditions. The first condition of YouTube is to have 4000 hours of watch time on your channel and 1000 subscribers.

Now some general questions come,

How much does YouTube pay for 1 view?

Many people ask this question on different platforms. So the simple answer to this is that YouTube does not pay for views. yes, it is real youtube doesn’t give money on views.

How does youtube give money?

So friends, when an advertisement comes on someone’s channel and after that, when someone clicks on that advertisement, then YouTubers get their money. so it depends on the CPC of that advertisement.

What is CPC?

So this is also a natural question, so CPC means click per cost. That is, how much money does Google pay to a person on one click? And youtube gives some part of that money. Now for your information let me say that C.P.C. It is not fixed, it keeps changing.

so now comes to the next point

How to join the youtube partner program?

So the first condition of YouTube for the partner program is that within 12 months you should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on your channel. Read this to know more policy YouTube channel monetization policies.

Earn Money From YouTube In India

With the new update of YouTube, as soon as your channel completes this remark YouTube will give you a mail so that you will know that you have to join the YouTube partner program.

Channel Membership

The second most money-making method of YouTube is Channel membership. In this program, if your audience wants, they can join your channel by giving you some monthly payment. Here you can give them some special benefits. here you can provide to your audience public badges, emojis or other perks you want.
from this, the relationship between you and your audience becomes much stronger.

How do you enable this program?

To begin this program you must meet YouTube’s eligibility criteria. Also keep in mind that once you complete this eligibility, YouTube starts it in a while, not immediately. So these qualifications are as follows

  • Your channel has at least 30k subscribers.
  • If your channel is gaming related then you will need 1k subscriber-only.
  • Your Channel should not be made for children.
  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • The YouTube Partner Program must be enabled on your channel.

for full detail of this program click here.

Affiliate Marketing.

Bloggers and YouTubers are making a very good income from this. So for this, you have to join any affiliate program and put its link in your description.

In easy language, to earn from the affiliate program, you have to join an affiliate program like Amazon Affiliate Program, there are many programs that you will know about from Google. After joining them, suppose you make a video on the laptop, then you put a link to that laptop in the description. Once someone buys a laptop from your link, then you get some percentage of its total cost.

What Are The Best Affilate Plateform?

There are many affiliates in the market but in this article, I tell most popular from them. 

  • Amazon Associates.
  • eBay Partner Network.
  • ShareASale.
  • ClickBank.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • Fiverr Affiliates Program.

Influencer Market.

The influencer market is growing very fast, the market which was 500 million in 2015 has now increased to 5 billion and is expected to double by 2022. Actually, brands are getting better ROI than any other market.

Actually, it becomes the major source of income of YouTubers when they become famous.

What is the influencer market?

Now a question comes, what is an influencer market? In fact, many brands find some people who have good followers for advertisements. Those people are called influencers like Amit Bhadana, Ajay Nagar, and Technical Guruji.
Now companies ask them to make a video for their product, which is paid for by the company, which is called a sponsored video. However, for this, the company chooses YouTubers with a minimum subscriber base of 50K. The rest depends on the marketing budget of the company.

What cost influencer take for a video?

Although there is no fixed charge, it depends on the influencer. However, according to an estimate, an influencer charges 20$ per 1000 subscribers. That is, a channel with 10000 subscribers takes 200$ for a video. 

Start Merchandise.

Merchandise is a powerful way to earn money from YouTube in India not only in India but it is popular in the world. 

Here you can create your own brand and if you want, you can also earn a lot by partnering with another local brand.
The advantage of merch on YouTube is that here you have a loyal audience who follow you continuously. So if you bring a product in front of them at an affordable price, then you will also benefit and since they follow you, they will give more value to your product.

How to choose a product to start a merchandise.

The next challenge before you is how to choose the product. So the simple way of this is that you can do a survey with your audience.
After that, the product that your audience likes can sell your product after joining the merch shelf program.

How to join the YouTube merch self program.

For the merch shelf program, first of all, you will have to create a website and list all your products on it.

The first condition to join the merch Shelf Program is that you have joined the YouTube Partner Program and your total followers are 10000 or more.

Your channel’s audience is not set as made for kids. for more details click here.

As soon as you join the merch shelf program, you will be able to show the maximum of 12 products below your YouTube video.

If you want to get the idea of ​​the website then you can see the list of Merch & crowdfunding sites.

Super Chat.

If you are fond of watching live streams on YouTube, then you must have heard a word that is SuperChat. Yes, this is also a good way to make money from YouTube in India.

During a live stream on YouTube, if a user wants to buy a super striker or want to pin his comment on the top, then he can pay you money, which is called super chat.

for full detail, you can check this article Donate to a nonprofit with YouTube Giving


So these are some of the major ways to earn money from YouTube. I hope you liked this article. By the way, once you become an influencer, there are many other ways too.

But once you tell me that you do not become a star on YouTube overnight, it requires a lot of hard work. So never keep it in your mind that you will be able to earn a lot of money in one night.
So I would say that keep working hard one day the earnings will definitely start and it will be very good. 

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