10 ways you can earn money online.

How To Earn Money Online In India

10 Ways That You Can Earn Money Online In India

earn money online

Today, most people are not satisfied with their monthly income as it is unable to meet their monthly expenses. For this reason, people want that they should find such a way to earn money online in India so that they can make a lot of money in their remaining time. For this, they keep searching always on search engines like how to earn money sitting at home from the internet? Although it has many ways it takes time.

For this, search engines are making their platforms more user friendly. For this, they are paying more attention to Artificial Intelligence, Smart Assistance, and Local Search. Due to which more and more people are taking advantage of the internet. With this, the Internet has been giving you a chance to make money from home without investment for a long time. So today I will tell you 10 ways by which you can start earning online in India.

Before I tell you how money is made, you should know a few things. Online you cannot earn a lot of money together. It takes some time, so if you want to make online income your full-time earning, I recommend you start it part-time. Because initially, you will take the time to improve your skills.

So now without wasting time let’s talk about those 10 ways to earn money from the internet in India.

What are the necessary things to earn money on the Internet?

If you want to earn money offline then you must have some content.

  • Smartphone | Laptop | computer
  • Internet connection.
  • Knowledge.
  • Understanding the difference between real and fraud

#1. Earn Money By Freelancing.

10 ways you can earn money online.Freelancing is a very good job, by which you can earn a lot of money in India. Here you have to do many things according to your skills. For this, there are many websites on the Internet like Freelancer.com, Upwork, O Desk, etc. On all these platforms you have to register yourself.

What kind of work can you do on these websites?

Here you can do many things according to your skills like

  • Digital marketing
  • Web development
  • Writing job
  • Making a percentage
  • App development
  • Photoshop and many more

How to get work?

Many people here do offer their work which they want to complete from freelancers. if you feel that you can do the work given by them then you have to bid here and you have to tell people why they should give this job to you. supposing your price and description are good, then you are more likely to get a job.
If you are complete your assignment by the right time then people give you a rating so that you get the job easily in the future also.

If you want more details about this, then read our article How to become a successful freelancer?

#2. Make money online in India on YouTube.

YouTube is also a very good way to earn money, today many people are earning a lot of money from YouTube, as well as once they become good influencers, you can earn a lot of money, but believe it takes a little time for you You have to work continuously on skills, then you can earn a lot of money

What do you need to earn money from YouTube in India?

you want to earn money from YouTube then you have the option of some things

  • Youtube channel
  • Mobile | Laptop | Computer
  • Internet
  • And a mic to record the voice accurately.


  • Video recording
  • Video editing

How to make money?

So now the most important thing is how you can earn money from YouTube, although there are many ways to earn money from YouTube, here I am going to tell you some important ways.

Google Adsense: Adsense is a good way to make money from YouTube, for this you need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel. If you have completed all this then YouTube monetizes your channel. To earn money from AdSense, you must have at least 100 $ in your AdSense account only then you can transfer money to your account

Affiliate marketing: This is the second-best way to earn money from YouTube. Many e-commerce companies give you some money to sell their products. However, this does not affect the cost of the product. Customers will pay the same cost of the product. For this, you have to join the affiliate program of these companies, as soon as they accept your request, you can put the link of these products in your description and whenever someone will buy the goods from this link, you will get your money in your affiliate account.

Sponsored Videos: As your channel gets a little popular, some companies give you money while making videos on their product. You might have seen some channels working on it.

If you want to start your own YouTube channel, then definitely read our article How to start a YouTube channel?

#3. Make Money With Blogging.

Start your own website.

People have been earning money from blogging(How to start a blog) for a long time, but there is still a lot of work in it, if you want, you can still earn money from blogging. However, due to high competition, it may take you a little longer. But once the earning starts, then you can earn a lot of money from here

What do you need for blogging?

By the way, you do not need much stuff for blogging, yet let me tell you a small list.

  • Laptop | computer
  • Domain and Hosting (Blogger account if you want to free)
  • Internet


  • Good information on any one topic that will be your niche
  • Writing skills
  • SEO Information
  • A little keyword research (though this is also part of SEO)

How to make money?

Just like you can earn money from YouTube, in the same ways you can also earn from YouTube.

Ads: Here, apart from Google Adsense, you can place more ads on your blog like it is a bit difficult to apply it on media.net. Apart from this, you can place sponsored ads, which you charge from those people, whose ad is placed on their own website.

Affiliate marketing: Just like you put a link in the description on YouTube, in the same way, you put a link in the middle of your blog here and you earn from the same.

Sponsored post: Some brands give you money to write related posts to them.

#4. Make money online using social media.

Social media marketing

You can earn a lot of money from social media because on it you can easily connect with a lot of people. Today in our country, youth spend most of their time on social media, due to which many opportunities have been created here too.

For this, you should have a page on all your social media. Or you can create a page with the same name that you named of your blog or YouTube channel. Once you have created the page, then you have to put a daily post here and create an audience.

Just like you have an audience, some brands will automatically come to you for their promotion. Many pages earn a lot of money only from the promotion brands. And engagement on social media is quite good.

For this, you need two things

  • Social media page.
  • A little creativity.

#5. Online tutoring.

online tutoring

If you are very good at a subject, you can also offer online tuition. It is a good source of part-time income. In addition, you can share your videos on YouTube.

There are many websites available for online tutoring like school, tutorme, and tutor.com, etc. Apart from this, you can create your video course and share it on some websites like udemy and unacadmy. Everyone who buys your course here gets its price.

On these websites you have to create your profile, after that, you can start your work, you may have some trouble to start, but later you can earn good money.

#6. Open a digital Store (Shopify, Woo-Commerce, or Marketplaces)

online store

Create your own digital store is one of the best ways to earn extra income online. For this, you can create your store on Shopify, Woo-Commerce, or Marketplace.

After creating an online store, you will have to list your product on it. You can also add your affiliate product here and earn well.

 You can also talk to the wholesaler in your area. And after listing all these products, you have to rank it in search engines through SEO. Once you start receiving online orders, you can earn a lot online from it. You can also sell your product through social media.

#7. Reselling Is Also A Good Money-Making Option.

affiliate marketingReselling is a very good way of online listening these days. Yes, there are many websites that give you a chance like this, as an example, I can tell you Meesho. Yes, its name will be known. There are many more apps that give you a chance.

How to make money online in India from Reselling?

There is a very simple way to earn money on these, there are many product lists on them, now you can choose whichever product you like, it depends on what people like in your community like I take the example of a watch. Now there are many watch add on this, you just have to choose a few watches and share them with friends here, here are also given their price, but you can change it according to your own value, as soon as your friend bought your watch, then above its price. The price you have fixed comes into your account.

The product that you shared with your friend is delivered by the company and if they do not like it, then the company brings it back too. All you have to do is share the product and be get rest. As soon as someone takes the product, the money will come to your account.

What do you need?

You don’t need much for it

  • mobile.
  • Internet connection.
  • An account on the reselling app

#8. Sell ​​Pictures Online.

Sell Photos Online.

If you do good photography, then photo selling can be a good way to earn money. You can freelance your photo to bloggers or place it on an online website like Shutterstock. With which you can earn very good money.

What do you want for this?

For this, you have to bring some important things

  • Camera for photography (if you can do good photography with the phone then there is no need for it)
  • Laptop | Computer (for photo editing).
  • Photo editing tools


  • Photography
  • Photo editing.

On these websites, you have to create your profile and then upload the photo. Such websites pay monthly. For example, at Shutterstock, you must set your monthly minimum payment.

As soon as the month is over and your income is above the monthly payment (which you have set), Shutterstock starts counting and paying your payments on the 7th of the month.

#9. Content Writing.

If you are good and creative in writing, content writing is a very good option. There are many options for this such as freelancing, guest article writing. Yes, many bloggers do not have enough time to write their own blogs. If you have good reading skills then you can write their blogs

There are some websites that can write blogs on their portal like medium.com Yes, you can also monetize your blog by writing a blog on the medium and you can earn a decent amount of money.

On the freelancing list, people post jobs in search of a content writer. On this, you get 50 to 150 dollars for writing an article. If I talk about jobs, then there is work available in the digital marketing industry with 12000rs.

#10. Earn Money Online from Web designing.

website designingIn the growing trend of digital marketing, everyone wants to have their own website, if you know web development then you can do this work. By the way, in today’s time more of the websites are made on WordPress because here the work is less and in less time you can make a good website.

For this, you have to buy a domain and take hosting like buy your hosting, now you have to make a website by installing WordPress. If you know how to do web development, then you can create a website anyway.

Earnings: For this, you can take charge of hosting and the domain name from your customer by including the charge of your work and time. Initially you charge a minimum charge for the work, later you can increase your charge this. You can also add maintenance cost to it, it depends on you.

Time to Work 

Friends, this thing does not end here. So these were the best 10 ways By which you can earn money online in India. While there are many ways to make money from the internet without investment, these are some of the best ways by which you can earn a lot of money. In addition, there are other methods such as paid surveys and searches and reviews, become a captcha solver, and data entry, but they also contain a lot of fraud. So I won’t give them much attention.

If you think that you will suddenly make a lot of money then you are completely wrong. It takes a little time and effort. Before doing any work, you have to get full information about it and focus on your skills. So I would say keep working continuously. So I hope you like and understand these methods.

I hope that now there will be some of these ways that you will want to earn money. Just now you have to keep trying. You can earn a lot of money.

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