7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast

7 Easy Tips To Increase Blog Traffic.

If you have created a website, then you will know how important it is to bring organic traffic to the website. You do a lot of things like creating Baclinks, submitting directories and submitting Web 2.0, etc. For that, you search all day on the internet like, how to increase blog traffic. So here I will give you 7 easy tips to increase blog traffic. 

7 easy ways to invrease blog traffic


SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

To bring traffic to the website, search engine optimization of the website should be good. Because if your post’s On-page SEO is good, then your post will rank in search engines which will increase traffic on the website. As good as your on and off-page SEO Your website or post will appear in more searches.  

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Keyword Research

If you want to bring your blog into searches, then it is most important that your keyword research is higher. For that, you can use many tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, KeywordTool.io, etc. 

7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

All these tools tell you related keywords along with the monthly search of keywords. Which lets you know how much traffic is on the keyword. So according to that, you can keep such a keyword on which search is maximum. Below I tell you about some tools. by using these tools you find a keyword that helps to increase blog traffic.


This is a free tool that not only does a free audit of your website but also gives you keyword advice. And it tells you about the same keywords of different websites and its monthly search along with its social share.

Keyword planner

basically it is Google’s own free tool that helps you in a keyword search of your website’s ads. It tells you about the monthly search of keywords, average CPC, competition, page bid, etc. And along with these, it also gives you a lot of related keywords. So it can help you think of a good keyword about your post.


This is a paid tool that helps you search for the long-tail keyword. It works just like Google Keyword Planner.

So, friends, these are the most useful tools to know. There are many tools like these.

Use social media for Increase Blog Traffic.

Social media


Social media is a good platform to find leads. You should also create pages on social media, this is good for your traffic. In 24 hours, a man spends a lot of time on social media. Be it Facebook or Twitter. You should also use Pinterest or quora both have too many traffic leads. make a youtube Channel too because youtube give more traffic to your site.

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Guest Blogging

7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

If you are new to blogging then you must do guest blogging. You have two advantages to this.

  • You will get leads,
  • It gives you a backlink which will be good for ranking your site.

Use high DA or PA sites for guest blogging for better results. Who has more users because now they will be your readers too.


advertising is the most powerful way to increase blog traffic. It shows only those people who interested in your niche. basically, it’s an easy way to promote your blog to drive traffic. use google awards to promote your site. 

Google AdWords works on the bid/auction process. I give you an example of the google auction process to clear this.

Google gives 1 to 10 to relevancy factor

  • User A bid 4 dollars               User B bid 3 dollars
  • Relevancy score 3                   Relevancy score 8
  • Ad rank 4*3= 12                     Ad rank 3*8= 24

User B wins the auction for show ads.

Note- The most relevant keyword wins the auction not most paid.

By the above example, you better understand how google ads work. so used Adwords carefully after some research on a keyword so keep Keywords most specific. 

Internal Link

7 Easy Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

when you write some articles make sure you will give at least 3 to 4 posts link in the article. This is very important for you because once a user came to your blog and you have given 3 and 4 links in your blog, then he will stop for some time on your blog. And this will help in increasing the DA and PA of your website and also in increasing the rank of the article.


Blog Regularly

For maintaining your leads continuously you need to blog regularly Because your audience expects more knowledge form you. Blog on recent topics is more important some people work on event blogging. because once your audience increases your online earning is also increase.

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These were some important points that I told you in this article and will continue to come to my posts related to traffic. If you continue to do some important work with each of your articles, then slowly you will start getting results.

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