How To Choose Profitable Niche For Blog In 2020

How To Choose Profitable Niche For Blog In 2020

How To Find Profitable Niche For Blog In 2020

In today’s situation, everyone wants an extra income, after surfing the internet for a long time, many of them decide to start a blog. But before starting a blog one question comes in your mind that is How To Find Profitable Niche For Blog.

This is a great way to earn money online today, in today’s time millions of people earn through blogs. If we believe a report, 600 million websites exist in the world at this time. after reading this little bit disappointment comes in your mind, but once you decide to start a blog so go forward this is not a big problem. 

How To Find Profitable Niche For Blog? This is a question that is one of the most frequently asked questions on Quora as well. So today I am going to tell you about it in detail. I am going to tell my experiences related to this. Why did I choose this niche? What was my thinking about this? so let’s start.

What Is Blog Niche? (The Most Important Thing To Learn)

Before you start looking for a niche, first you must know what a blog niche is.

A blog niche is a specific subject on which you write your blog.  niche blogging is focused on geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people.

Whenever you go to choose your blog Niche, you should know what your target audience is. You should avoid covering topics from many or entire industries.

So I will always suggest that you choose only one topic. So that people get to know about your experiences and you can also enjoy writing.

3 Basic Steps To Find Profitable Niche For Blog.

Profitable Niche For Blog

There are three easy ways for you to find your niche. In which your passion comes first, then your knowledge and your research on that subject come last. Now the subjects which you will fund by combining these three, believe that this is the best topic for you and you will definitely get success there.

Now some people here will not have to face any problem at all because they will know their passion. if it is so this is not the case then how to find a profitable niche for blog?

But not all are the same, that’s why some people get the most problem right here and they get misunderstood and choose the wrong niche. Its effect would be that they write blogs for a few days but after that, they start getting bored and quit blogging.

Even if you find these two, some people make the mistake that they do not do full research on that subject. They are unable to guess their audience. The biggest disadvantage of this is that when someone comes to your blog to find a solution to their problem, they will not get any solution on your blog and they leave your blog. This is not good for your blog at all.

So now we talk about its solution, first comes your


So, first of all, you have to make a list in which you listed all your interests and topic in which passionate about. It may be that you have already done this work, if not done then do it now.

In this list, write all the topics about which you like to talk and about whom you can write as much as you wish. On the contrary, when you talk about passion, two things have to be taken care of here. firstly, While working in you can give as much time as you can, and second, even if you get the money in a little while, that work will be of equal value to you. Speaking directly, money should be second to you.

Time is very important for blogging

Profitable Niche For Blog

Before starting blogging, you have to keep in mind that time is going to be very much here. You have to learn a lot in blogging which takes a lot of time.
Working late into the night, leaving social contacts becomes a part of the blogger when he wants to improve the intensity of work and where the passion comes in the picture.

But if you talk about earning money, then it may take at least 1.5 years from 6 months to earn the first money in blogging. The competition in blogging is very high due to which the initial income is late. It is important to point out that some people have made a misconception about blogging.

to find a profitable niche for blog two key points (or conclusion) is more important to you.

  • Pick a topic you enjoy talking about.
  • Will I love writing about this one year and 50+ posts from now?

So this was about Passion, now next is


the most frequently asked question on quora is how to choose a profitable niche for blog. I have been asked this question again and again and I always give the same answer that starts writing a blog about what you have good knowledge about.

Profitable Niche For Blog

In blogging, you share only two things, one is knowledge and your own experience. So, gather as much information as possible about your passion. While blogging, you need to do many things like how to write, what is SEO, and more.

For starters, your success depends on how much valuable content you can produce. It is not necessary that you have to post a post every day but to be on the radar of search engines, you need to publish several posts in a month.

to find a profitable niche for blog from knowledge two key points is more important to you.

  • Which topic makes you the best?
  • Consider What You Know Best

so moving to the last but not least is.

Research(Most Important part Of Blogging).

Research is the most important task for blogging because of this you can understand your audience. First, you know the passion, then the knowledge, then after that the topic you finally selected requires a lot of research. Simple means of research is that you have to find the problem of people, it means to find out which problem people are searching for more. Here I will tell you by doing simple research. While doing any research, make a sheet in which you have to write the data.

for example, I take research on the topic to earn money online so we go on

Keyword Planner 

profitable niche for blog


In Keyword Planner, you will get blog ideas on one side followed by monthly search and later competition. Here you will get the complete idea of ​​what are the searches of the topic on which you want to write (how many people are searching that topic. But remember that this data can be found differently on different tools.

Here the focus should be on more search as well as low competition keyword.



Here I have given you a snapshot of BuzzSumo, in which you get to know the audience engagement related to your keywords. In this, you will see that on one side you have given the website, who has done this keyword, after that how much have people searched it on different platforms. Which gives you an idea of ​​what is your target audience.



UberSuggest is also a good tool for keyword research. In this too, you get a lot of information related to the keyword. In this, you get the total search volume on one side, after that SEO Difficulty is found which is very important and later you get paid Difficulty and Total CPC.

Although there are many tools of keyword research, it is not possible to tell all about them here also I have given you just an example. The rest you will have to learn on your own. But remember that keyword research is very important for blogging.

Final Thought

So, friends, you must have got the idea now how to choose a profitable niche for blog. Now I leave it to you. According to me, this is the right time for blogging because it is not limited to blogging only. After creating a website, you can learn digital marketing, which is a very good option for a career. Still, if you want a list of niche ideas, then I have a list below.

45 Blog Niche Ideas List:

Tech / GadgetsBeautyPoliticsBusiness Ideas & TipsTech Support
Makeupyoga & fitnessBusinessTV ShowsVirtual Reality
ClothingLife HacksEntertainmentMoviesArtificial Intelligence
Branded ProductsTutorialsInvestingGames


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