Start a blog in india

How To Start A Blog In India

Follow These Steps To Start A Blog In India

Want to know how to start a blog in India and make money from Blogging and Find How to start a blog free or with the minimum investment so you are right place. we give you the best solution to stay with us and read the complete article. Before starting a blog you need to know some basic knowledge. you start blogging with two methods.

  1. Free blogging(on
  2. Paid blog( by purchasing domain name or host)

These are two methods for starting a blog. here I give you the knowledge of both methods (for motivation I recommend you to paid blog). so let without wasting time let’s start.

How To Start A WordPress Blog(After Purchasing Domain Or Host).

So start blogging as a long-term career you should buy a domain or hosting. so the first question comes in our mind where to find hosting or domain? I have a solution for you many hosting or domain providers in the digital world like Bluehost, digital Ocen, Godaddy, etc after I did many searches then I choose Godaddy for domain or web hosting one question comes in your mind why I choose GoDaddy? I choose GoDaddy because at the starting of my blogging career I have low money to invest and Godaddy takes charge on a monthly basis it takes around 3 dollars(with tax) for hosting or 9 dollars(with all tax included) for a domain it is in my budget or even you also can buy Blue host hosting it is more faster  

start a blog


How to register on GoDaddy?

  • Search
  • signup for a new account on Godaddy.
  • then go to Domain and find a Domain name you want if your domain name is available.
  • select add to cart after entre all detail.
  • then select the payment option and enter card detail then buy a domain.

After you did all the steps you have your own domain. after buying a domain you should buy a host of your domain.  you can buy the host from Godaddy or another portal that your choice. so if you want to buy hosting from GoDaddy go shopping from hosting then follow these steps.

start a blog

Choose A plan

So there are 4 plans on Godaddy in starting I recommend you to buy a starter plan it has a low price if you have some more budget then you should buy a yearly plan of the economy. it has a free domain for a year.

  • compare all planes of Godaddy.
  • then add to the cart.
  • select only hosting plan deselect all other things.
  • fill all detail and buy hosting.

after doing these steps you have hosting and domain both then go to the domain and connect hosting with host after adding your domain in your host you have a complete setup of your domain. then go to Cpanel tap on WordPress and install WordPress in your host

stat a blog

Install WordPress in Godaddy And Your Blog Is Ready

Follow some steps to install WordPress in your host

  • go to manage your web hosting.
  • click on Cpanel.
  • tap on WordPress.
  • enter detail or change detail if you want other changes later.
  • click on install.
  • go to your domain/wp-admin.
  • Sign up with some basic details.

after following these detail your WordPress ready to use.

How to change the WordPress theme?

start a blog

  • Select appearance in the left menu
  • select theme chooses a theme you want to use.

How to write a post?

  • Select the post in the left menu.
  • Then click on add new.
  • Now you are on the page where you make a new post.

Start exploring WordPress and do SEO of the site.

so this does not end yet start exploring WordPress and do SEO of your site read our complete article on SEO

its your home change whatever you want.


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